1 dog collar = 1 warm winter jacket!

In one week it will be Christmas. Now that I was allowed to become a mother of my beautiful daughter Jane again last May. Tears well up in my eyes because in Nepal children still die in the cold.

My girlfriend, Sanne Demmer, is closely involved with Nepal. She wrote the following:

“My good friend Prem is currently on the road handing out winter coats in rural Nepal and asked me for help.
Every year, hundreds of children die at high altitudes in remote areas of the Himalayas from the cold. In addition to the need to hand out these coats, the children get the feeling that they are loved.”

We as @thedogmusthaves donate a warm winter coat for a child in Nepal with every YIN YANG COLLAR this weekend. ☯️

The winter coat is produced in Nepal so that employment for the local Nepalese is created immediately.

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