“A collar and leash has the power to be that one little thing that makes you feel in control. It tells a story and introduces you and your furrend without words.””

My name is Stefanie Bolle and with The Dog Musthaves I design unique minimal and naturelike dog collections with style every time. Collars that makes your dog special, stylish and elegant in every situation.

A collar, a matching leash, a dog treatbag or a pearl give your own “Dogue Model” that extra bit of style at a walk, an eyecatcher at dogtraining or a twinkling in the eyes when you hang out at home. They make your dog shine. And the best of everything, you can finaly match your dog’s outfit with yours!

Especially for every walk I have carefully designed an exclusive and minimal collection of dog supply that suit the doguemodel in every dog. Speaking, stylish and modern with a story. The ultimate gift for the hairy furchild of your life. From choosing, ordering, to unpacking! A musthave for every dog owner, every time.
With love,

Stefanie (& my mailman Colin)