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Velvet dog collars and other fabrics

Perfect for your four legged friend. Possibilities are endless. Personalize your dog collar with your dogs name, your contact details or even your full address. Your life will always find his way back. The essential dog musthave for every dog owner.

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Premium dog accessories

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The Dog Musthaves is a webshop where you can buy different dog accessories. We have an extensive online range with luxury and exclusive dog accessories, such as dog collars. Our products are made by hand, always using sustainable materials. View our wide range of designer dog leashes and luxury dog collars online and spoil your dog with a piece of luxury.

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Perfect adjustable dog collars

Spoil your dog with a new custom dog collar with his name

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Everyone looks at your dog and it represents who you both are, your values and your personal style.

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Leather dog Collars

Perfect for your four legged friend. Possibilities are endless. Tap on + to see which one you like the most.

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Bringing you the best luxury dog accessories


A collar and leash has the power to be that one little thing that makes you feel in control. It tells a story and introduces you and your furrend without words. My name is Stefanie Bolle and with The Dog Musthaves I design unique minimal and naturelike dog collections with style every time. Collars that makes your dog special, stylish and elegant in every situation.

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The ideal (starter) outfit for your puppy or faithful four-legged friend.


The dog set consists of a dog collar and dog leashMake it personal with a dog tag engraved with your dog’s name and your telephonenumber. You are ready to go with the complete starter outfit.

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Happy dog with our Toby Velvet set

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Leaving soon

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You can buy a beautiful, leather dog collar online at The Dog Musthaves. We are a webshop where you will find the most beautiful dog accessories for your four-legged friend. Give your dog a nice collar as a gift or order a nice leather collar with his or her name on it.

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Get in touch with us

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A webshop with various unique and exclusive dog accessories

If you have been searching online for a long time for luxury dog ​​accessories, such as exclusive dog collars, your search is now over! At The Dog Musthaves you choose your favorite high quality dog ​​leashes and collars from our range. We provide a personal service by making our collars and leashes yourself. This gives you enough choice to personalize your chosen product. We also always pack your order so that it is a pleasure to unpack your gift.

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Personalize your luxury dog ​​accessories easily online

A dog belongs to the family. That is why you can choose in our webshop to personalize the dog accessories, such as dog leads and collars, with the name of your four-legged friend. This way you not only buy a sturdy leather collar, but you can finish it off completely. In addition to exclusive dog collars, you can also opt for a personalized dog tag online.

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Simply place your order online

You order all our luxury dog ​​accessories, such as the exclusive dog collars, easily and quickly online. If you place an order above € 75, – no shipping costs will be added. Have you found exclusive dog collars that you want to order online, but are not sure what size you need? Check out our size guide in our webshop to see how to determine your dog’s collar size for the right dog accessories. If you have a special request, you can always contact us.

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