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What are the benefits of leather collars and leashes?

If you’ve never bought a leather dog collar before, you may be wondering whether or not they are superior to nylon collars. One of the reasons we make our luxury dog collars with European non chemical leather is that they feel like a beautifully soft padded leather as soon as you put them around your dog’s neck, and will only get softer over time.

It’s because of this that leather collars are so well suited for dogs. They don’t irritate and chafe as much as cheap mass produced collars, and are strong enough to be used in most situations. A good quality handmade leather dog collar may cost a little more than nylon or rope dog collars.

We have a huge number of customers who rave about our funky dog collars and leads, so if you would like to see what they have said, why not read through some of our customer reviews.

Can my dog swim with the collar and leash?

You probably wouldn’t go swimming in a little black leather dress or take your new leather chanel clutch (but more power to you if you do), and you should also choose your dog’s collar appropriately. If your dog is a swimmer. We’d always recommend to remove the collar. Since water and leather are not the best of friends.

A trip to the beach or a muddy day would be a good time to break out with a waterproof (nylon) collar, that while may not look as good, will be a little easier to take care of after a dip in sea..

If your leather collar does get dirty or wet, it’s important to clean them up with a damp cloth and let them dry out. Leaving a leather collar on a wet dog or bunched up in a bag overnight is an invitation for permanent stains and potential mold or mildew. Along with drying your collar, wipe down and dry off any brass hardware.

How do I personalize a dog collar?

At The Dog Musthaves we provide a complimentary personalisation for your dog collar. 

  1. First choose a collar that suits your dog.
  2. Hot Stamp your dog’s name in gold.
  3. And you’ll also want to ensure your pet’s collar has up-to-date pet tags, so he’ll find his way home. Just fill in your dog’s name and your telephone number. *Personalized products can’t sent back. 

Just add the collar to your chart and check out. We always sent our personalized products in 5 business days. 


Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping in The Netherlands. Other countries we ship for free if you order € 150,- or more. Always with track and trace and insurence.

Can i get next day delivery?

Order before 2pm to receive your order next day (NL & BE only) excluding our personalised Golden ID tags ( + 2-5 workdays)

Which are the means of payment accepted by The Dog Musthaves?

The Dog Musthaves allows you to pay online by: Ideal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, BanContact, Klarna,

Can I return a personalized tags or Collar?
Because a majority of The Dog Musthaves products are handmade (especially made for your dog) we do not offer returns or exchanges on custom pieces. This is including engraved id’s of your dog Collar. We will not accept a return of a custom engraved (tag or goldfoil) collar or tag. Even if the size doesn’t fit with your dog.
Please note that we strictly do not refund or exchange monogrammed or customised products unless the item is faulty. This includes products that have been hot-stamped or ID tags that have been engraved.
Can I return my order?

You return the non-personalized items such as leashes, number 2, treatbags or one of our dog jewelry within 14 days. Please contact us if you want to return your order via info@thedogmusthaves.com.

Note: shipping costs will not be reimbursed unless we have sent you the wrong item.

If we made a mistake on your TheDogMusthaves order, we are happy to fix or remake your order. Please reach out to us via info@thedogmusthaves.com if you think we made a mistake on your order.

How can I return my order?

Pack the item in the original packaging received or in another, sturdy cardboard box. Leave a note with the order number in the shipping box. Close the box and close it carefully. Never use the product packaging alone.

Send your item (s) within 14 days to:

The Dog Musthaves
Afdeling: Retouren
Veldbiesweg 26
8084 RD “t Harde the Netherlands

Keep in mind that the costs and responsibility for returning are for your responsability. We advise you to provide returns with a track & trace code, because we are not responsible if the package is lost. Your balance will be refunded within 7 days of receiving the items.

Please note that we strictly do not refund or exchange monogrammed or customised products unless the item is faulty. This includes products that have been hot-stamped or ID tags that have been engraved.

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