The Dog Musthaves stands for stylish and modern dogs. I (Stefanie) think it is extremely important to keep improving. This is how we keep our collection up to date. Together we ensure the most beautiful collections and happy dogs (and of course their owners).

Independence is just as important to me, that’s why everyone is invited for a review via Trustpilot. Curious about what others think of The Dog Musthaves?

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En Zeer te vreden over hun Klantvriendelijkheid!
Super Mensen!” author=”Natal Gligorov” position=”Trustpilot”][vc_separator][stockie_testimonial block_type_layout=”default” block_type_alignment_default=”center” headline=”Prachtige kwaliteit leer en de service…” quote=”Prachtige kwaliteit leer en de service is ongekend.” author=”Marieke” position=”Trustpilot”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][stockie_testimonial block_type_layout=”default” block_type_alignment_default=”center” headline=”Super” quote=”Ik vind het hele mooie spullen. En je word heel goed en vriendelijk geholpen. Ik bestel zeker meer!” author=”Michelle Verstegen” position=”Trustpilot”][vc_separator][stockie_testimonial block_type_layout=”default” block_type_alignment_default=”center” headline=”Mooie dog ID” quote=”Mooie dog ID! Snelle levering. In een woord Top.” author=”Mandy” position=”Trustpilot”][/vc_column][/vc_row]