Classic leather dog leash + gold snake chain – Mauve


This unique leather and golden snake chain is rated to 85 kg*. This means your dog may not weight over 8.5 kg to use (for a safe working load). Made of fashionable snake chain with welded end rings.

*The value expresses when the product breaks.The testing device is not certified/calibrated and the data is only indicative. We usually use 2-3 pieces for each test. The difference between the pieces can be up to 20 %, depending on the specific material. The safe working load (SWL) ​you can count like 1/10​ of breaking load. So if you need a leash for a 25 kg dog you have to search for a breaking load above 250 kg.​

The ultimate mauve colored leather dog leash with a luxurious golden chain. This dog leash is very chique, romantic and ready for city trips. With nice golden (brass)hardware and handmade in our own The Dog Musthaves Atelier.

  • Perfect length of 150 cm with integrated golden o-ring and easy snaphook
  • Handmade in our own Atelier in The Netherlands.
  • High class leather and finished with the best gold plated brass.
  • Complete yours with a pooch for cookies and poopbag

Real leather dog leash, only the best for your dog. The mauve color is part of our limited edition selection.

This dog designer leash is handmade in our own Atelier in The Netherlands. We only used the best cow leather from Europe. Complete your set with a dog collar and pooch for cookies and poopbags.


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