Dog Collar Tiergarten Cherry Red – Cloud7


The TIERGARTEN dog collar is made of high-quality nubuck leather and handcrafted. It has a soft, velvety character with a discreetly cut structure.

Together with the fine details such as the metal parts made of real brass and the engraving mark, the collar gets its particularly beautiful and noble look.

  • high-quality leather
  • handcrafted
  • genuine brass
Color variations:

Leather: finest nubuck leather
Metal parts: brass
Brush off slight soiling. Wash out stronger stains with water and a little soap, allow to dry and roughen lightly with a nubuck brush. Do not expose the dyed nubuck leather to excessive moisture in order to avoid any discoloration.

Please allow an additional 3-5 days for customisation.

Dog Collar Tiergarten Cherry Red – Cloud7
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