Dog Pearl for a Dog Collar


Especially for the birthday of our Pip we designed the “Dog Pearl for a Dog Collar”. Pip is our little wire-haired dachshund, our jewel, our pearl. She is chic, charming and somewhat stubborn. Exactly as these natural freshwater pearls are.

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The luxury Pearl for the dog can easily be attached to the collar with a key ring. The pearls are between 1.5 and 2 cm in size and may differ from the photo shown. That is nature and that is how we like to see them: unique and special, just like our four-legged friends.

To keep the Pearl dogs beautiful, it is best to wear them often. The pearl is a freshwater pearl from Indonesia. The Pearl absorbs fat from the dog’s fur and skin and in combination with the air it will shine extra.

Never wash it with chemicals or other washing-up liquid, this will dry them.