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Dog whistle Antler training whistle for the dog


Dogs don’t always listen to every word you say. And not everyone has this beautiful finished dog whistle. To make sure you always have your dog’s attention, just bring a dog whistle. The dog whistle is cut by hand from a deer antler. What makes it unique in its kind, no two are the same. The dog whistle has a cord so you can easily wear it around your neck. The dog whistle makes a high clear tone that will tickle your dog’s ears.

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The Dog whistle

When it comes to getting your dog’s attention, there are many things you can do. Clapping your hands, screaming or whistling. But how can you train your dog so that with one clear signal that your dog immediately knows what you want? Right, the dog whistle from The Dog Musthaves.

Train the dog with a whistle made of antlers

Training your dog is not possible within 24 hours. It is quite a job, not only for you, but also for your four-legged friend. For us as owners it is very easy to say, “here”, “no”, “sit”, “in your basket”. But a dog must also learn the difference here. When training the dog, it is important that you come across clearly.

What is ideal about the dog whistle of The Dog Musthaves, that it is very clear and clear. You can let your dog know what you want at a great distance. The great thing about the whistle is that your dog will not notice if you are angry (because he has run away again) or if you are happy. Your emotion can certainly influence training for better or worse.

I notice well when I am not feeling well, that Pip and Ollie do not listen. High probability that this has to do with my emotion. Sometimes I think: please Ollie, why do you have to walk in the mud now. Why walk away now? The dog whistle offers me a nice solution during these kinds of situations. That whistle ensures that the emotion and feeling are gone. How convenient is that!

Practicing for the first time with a flute from The Dog Musthaves.

What I have done to make the dog whistle work successfully is the following. I have to train Pip and Ollie what a certain flute rhythm means. For example, I use a long whistle when the dogs are far away, a short tone (Fiejt-Fjiet) if I want their attention for a photo.

The most important part of using a dog whistle successfully is the association it creates in your dog. He will have to learn what a particular flute rhythm or pitch means before he can respond appropriately. I used my commands for certain flute rhythms. For example, I used to call Olllllllllllllieeeeeeeeeeeee in the forest and it has now been replaced by fiiiiiiiiejt-fjieeeeeeeeet. I quickly noticed that this link was successful.

The most important thing when using a dog whistle with the dog is to link the different whistle rhythms. Do you raise your hand to let the dog sit at a distance? Then whistle first and immediately do the movement that you have always done. Now you’re at least not hollering in the woods ;-). But the most important of every training is: reward, reward, reward ..


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