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The luxurious velvet dog collar. The fabric, together with the zinc alloy hardware in gold, ensures that it is stylish. The velvet set is the ideal (starters) dog collar for your puppy or faithful four-legged friend. You can now personalize the click buckle of the collar itself.

Size guide

Sizing Guide

Adjustable dog collars size chart

This size chart is intended for reference only. Sizes can vary between products.

Size Average Neck cms
Small The collar is adjustable between 20 and 29 cm and is 2 cm wide.
Medium The collar is adjustable between 27 and 41 cm and is is 2 cm wide.
Large The collar is adjustable between 33 and 52 cm and is 2,5 cm wide.
Extra Large The collar is adjustable between 37 and 67 cm and is 2,5 cm wide.

How do I know what size adjustable dog collar to get for my dog?

The size for a adjustable dog collar will show a range for a neck size. No guesswork needed to buy a collar that fits your dog correctly and comfortably. For example, if you measure your dog’s neck and get 32 cm”, you should pick a collar where 32cm is comfortably within the size range. There should always be enough room between the dog’s neck and the collar to slip one finger between them comfortably. This ensures that the dog collar isn’t too tight.

Here the best methode for measuring your dog’s neck:

Measure your dog’s neck with a sewing tape. Wrap a string around your dogs neck. Mark the string and then measure the length of it with a ruler or tape measure. In between sizes? If your dog is full grown and their measurement is in between the sizes listed, pick the smaller of the two sizes. If your dog is still growing, go with the larger option so (s)he has enough room to grow.

If the collar has a size range, we recommend choosing the size range where your measurement is close to the middle of the sizes so you have room to adjust up and down.




Beige (neutral), Chalk (neutral)




Small, Medium, Large, Extra large

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