A collar and leash has the power to be that one little thing that makes you feel in control. 

A collar, a matching leash, a dog treatbag or a pearl give your own “Dogue Model” that extra bit of style at a walk, an eyecatcher at dogtraining or a twinkling in the eyes when you hang out at home. They make your dog shine. And the best of everything, you can finaly match your dog’s outfit with yours!

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Sustainable leather personalised collars. Stylish life.

Because we find it very important that your loved ones are coming back home after a date in the park. We have a complimentary Golden Dog ID tag. You can customize your dog collar ID Tag with your dogs name and your contact details.

The Dog Musthaves - Collar Black Extra Large


Choose a collar

Just find the perfect collar for your furrend


Customise ID tag

Just fill in your dog’s name and your telephone number. *Personalized products can’t sent back. 


Order online

Just add the collar to your chart and check out. We always sent our personlized products in 5 business days. 

Enjoy the finest

The Dog Musthaves - Leather Collar Black Detail

The Black collection

Always wanted a good stylish leather dog collar? With luxurious brass finishing touch. You can find them in the new black dog collection.

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The Dog Musthaves - Treatbag Burgundy for dog

Perfect Leather Dog Treatbag

Reward your dog while walking, puppy training or just on the road. We launched the “DOGGY TREATBAG” for dog biscuits in several colours. 


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Helping Nepal

Our beautifull Dog Toys are handmade Beside our beautifull fairtrade pet toys from Nepal. Specially hand-woven dog toys made from a mix of hemp and cotton. The dog toys are filled with 100% organically recycled cotton. Produced in Nepal by women trying to be financially independent.

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