Size guide

dog collar sizing guide The dog collar sizing guide offers two approaches to determining the correct size: using an old collar as a reference or measuring the dog's neck size. These methods will help you find a well-fitting collar for your dog.

Old collar as a reference:

If you already have a collar that fits your dog well, you can use it as a reference. Lay the old collar flat and measure the length of the strap, including the buckle, to the hole you are using now. This length can serve as a guide when choosing a new collar of similar size. For this you use the lower number series.
For example, your old collar measures 32 centimeters including buckle to the hole. Then we recommend a medium collar that has a range between 32 centimeters and 39 centimeters.

Measuring the neck circumference:

If you don't have an old collar or if your dog hasn't worn a collar before, you'll need to measure your dog's neck size. Use a tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of the neck, just behind the ears. Make sure the tape measure fits comfortably, without being too tight or too loose. Record the measured size.

Then compare the measured neck circumference with the collar manufacturer's size chart. This table lists recommended collar sizes based on your dog's neck size. Choose the size that best corresponds to the measured size.

For example, your dog measures a neck size of 35 centimeters. Then we recommend a large collar that has a range between 32 centimeters and 40 centimeters.

Our advice: If your dog's neck size falls between two sizes, preferably choose the larger size for more comfort.

Using a dog collar sizing guide, whether using an old collar as a reference or measuring your dog's neck size, can help ensure you choose a collar that fits well and is comfortable for your faithful companion.